Thank you for being a loyal JadooTV customer for almost 10 years. As you know technology changes very rapidly. Jadoo3 was launched in 2012 it was before Android became widely available. We launched Jadoo4 in 2015 with Android and Quad Core processor. We recommend that you switch to Jadoo4 to enjoy a greater selection of content and faster technology. However, Your Jadoo3 will continue to work uninterrupted even if you do not switch your box for it's remainig life. Jadoo3 customers are free to use their Jadoo3 box on a second TV.

Jadoo4 Provides Endless Entertainment
  • live-channel-icon
    Live Channels

    1000+ HD Like Channels Around The Globe

  • movie-icon

    3000+ Bollywood Hits Through EROSNow

  • vod-icon

    Million Hours of VOD Content

  • catchup-icon
    Catch Up TV

    Go Back The Last 7 Days To View Your Must Watch Shows

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    Unlimited Apps

    Unlimited Access to 3rd Party Apps

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    eMedia App

    Add Your Content to Jadoo4 Through USB & URL

Upgrade Jadoo3 to Jadoo4
This is why you should upgrade Your Jadoo3 to Jadoo4

Features Jadoo4 Jadoo3
Fast channel load and switch time
Mark your favorite content
1000+ Live TV Channels
Million Hours of VOD content
3000+ Bollywood Hits and Persian Movies
Thousands of 3rd Party Apps
JadooGO App for Mobile and Tablet
Catch Up TV 7 Days
eMedia – Aggregate 3rd Party Content
Quad-Core Processor
Channel Recall
Smart Search
Android Box
Look Up channels by number
Instant access to last 10 channels played
1 Year Warranty
24x7 Technical Support
Upgrade Jadoo3 to Jadoo4