Your Jadoo3/3S has reached the end of its life. If it has not already, your box will stop working over the next week or so as we complete the process. Replace your Jadoo3/3S with our 4K Ultra HD Jadoo5s, which comes with an industry-leading 2 Year hardware warranty, and includes 2 Years worth of service fee - for a special price of US$ 199. Shipping is on us.
For any questions, please call our 24X7 customer support number +1 619-523-6688.

Upgrade to Your New Box in 2 Minutes Or Less.

Note: We will ship Your Jadoo4 or Jadoo5s immediately.

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Upgrade to Jadoo5s

Note : Once you upgrade and register your new Jadoo5s, your Jadoo3/3S will no longer work.

Call our 24 X 7 Support Line +1 619-523-6688 in case you need further support.
Reasons to upgrade

Features Jadoo5s Jadoo3/3S
Loading Time 2-3 Seconds 10-12 Seconds
24x7 Support in your language
Warranty 2 YEARS
2 Years Service Fee Included
4K Ultra HD Resolution
Bluetooth Interface
Mirroring App (JadooCast)
Free Audio and Video Calling
Recently Played
7 Day Catch Up TV
eMedia – Watch content provided by 3rd parties
JadooTV App for Mobile Devices (Optional)
Android Box With Quad Core Processor
3000+ Bollywood Hits and Persian Movies
Million Hours Of VOD Content
1000 + Live TV Channels
Thousands of 3rd Party Apps