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Why Buy JadooTV?

What’s new in Jadoo4 Box?

Jadoo4 is completely redesigned offering a single page easy to navigate home menu. The new design allow user’s easy access to Live & On-Demand Content. Other features include

Powered by Android. ( Jellybean 4.2)

Channel Numbers. (You can directly switch channels by pressing channel Numbers)

Mark your favorite content.

Instantaneous access to recently played 10 channels during playback.

Single click channel recall functionality.

Latest technology with an all new user friendly interface.

Fast channel load and switch time.

myJadoo™ – Users can add and share live content.

What are the technical specifications of Jadoo4 Box?

Quad Core CPU


4GB Internal Storage

Android OS 4.2

2 USB Ports

1 HDMI port

DC Input 5.0V-2A

SD Card Slot Max 32GB Card Supported

What are the requirements for Jadoo4 Box ?

To enjoy content on your JadooBox, you will need internet access with minimum 2Mbps or higher speed, a TV with composite or HDMI input support and a router with Ethernet and WiFi support.

What is difference between Jadoo3 and Jadoo4 Box?




Android Powered



Air Remote Support



Built In WiFi



Can Switch channels Directly by Channel Number



Last Channel Recall



Recently Played channels List



Browsing Features



Mark Your Favorite Content



Channels Load Time

Faster than Jadoo3

Faster than Jadoo2

Can I connect Jadoo4 Box with WiFi?

Yes Jadoo Box 4 comes with built in WiFi you do not need external WiFi adapter.

How do i find out my Internet speed on Jadoo4 Box?

On Jadoo 4 Launcher (home), Select Diagnostics—-> Speed Test——

How to search content on Jadoo4 Box?

To search a channels please go to Live TV section on the box and press the search key from Jadoo4 remote.

To search a movie please go to Movies section on the box and press the search key from Jadoo4 remote.

To search a recorded content please go to VOD section on the box and press the search key from Jadoo4 remote.

How to switch channels quickly on Jadoo4 Box?

While playing live channel press the recall button to play the previously played channel.

While playing live channel enter the channel number from Jadoo remote to access desired channel.

While playing live channel press the OK button from Jadoo remote, on the top bar you will get recently played channels while on the Left you will get the complete list of channels.

How to add content to favorites on Jadoo4 Box?

Highlight any channel/Movie/VOD name and press the yellow key from Jadoo remote.

What kind of accessories come with the Jadoo4 Box?

Your Jadoo 4 Box will come with Jadoo4 Box, HDMI Cable, A/V Cable, Remote Control and AC Adapter.

How many TVs can I connect to a Jadoo4 Box?

You can connect one TV with a Jadoo Box.

How to check Box ID/MAC number from Jadoo4 Box?

Go to Diagnostics—-> Product info —->Box ID
Also at the bottom of the Box there is a sticker having the MAC ID starting with AC.DB.DA………

What video resolution does the Jadoo4 Box support?

JadooBox supports Standard Definition and HD Definition (480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p).

How long is warranty for Jadoo4 Box?

Jadoo 4 Box comes with 1 year `Warranty .This Warranty covers any normal faults, which are not related to any mishandling or dropping on the surface, or misusing the box including the software which comes in the Media Box pre installed.

What is the return Policy of Jadoo4 Box?

There is 14 days refund policy for Jadoo TV Box if you purchased it from www.jadootv.com. In case if you purchased it from the reseller then you need to speak to the retailers for refund but retailers have their own policies .Some resellers refund the boxes and some do
not.But we are not responsible for the refund in case you purchased it from

What is VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it is directly connected to the private network.

What is air remote for?

Air remote works like traditional mouse and is more convenient to use 3rd party apps in App Section. It also has the ability to learn key functions of other infrared remotes. It is small and handy, easy to use, suited for gaming apps, can be programmed to be used with TV, simplified navigation, and improved accessibility.

Some of the keys on my air remote are not working?

Following keys of the air remote are programmable and do not work by default.
V +, V –, TV/AV, CH- , CH +

How to program the keys on Air remote?

Press SET key for 3 sec, the indicator light will turn on.

Point the infrared sensor of your TV remote with the infrared sensor of air remote and keep the distance about 1cm.

Press any key (V +, V –, TV/AV, CH- , CH +) on the air mouse and if the indicator start blinking then press any key of your TV remote which you want to program on air mouse. The indicator will stop blinking and then press the SET key on air mouse.

How to switch channels quickly on Jadoo4 Box using air remote?

While playing live channel press ≡ button from air remote to see the recently played channels on the top and the complete channels list on the left side.

How to add content to favorites on Jadoo4 Box using air remote?

While playing the live channel press the mouse click button on air remote and then select Favorites.

You can add any content to Favorites with the icon on it by selecting using air remote.

What types of TV does Jadoo4 Box support?

The High Definition JadooBox supports both composite (1 video + 2 audio) and HDMI inputs.

Are there any specific TV models/brands that may not work with Jadoo Box?

Few models 4K TVs such as Sony Bravia and Vizio may give you problem with the display specially via Hdmi cable.

Can I download more apps on Jadoo4 Box?

Yes, you can download and install more apps on box from Apps-> App Store.

How to login into my YouTube account?

Login to your YouTube or corresponding Google Account on your PC, Open the link https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps, Enable Access for less secure apps by clicking the Enable option and then press the Done button, now you can login into you YouTube account on your box.

How much internet volume will Jadoo Box consume in one hour?

It will consume 500 MB to 800 MB per hour (approximately) depneding upon the stream you play.

How do I determine my Internet connection speed on JadooBox?

For Jadoo2
Go to Settings—->Internet Speed Test——–>Start.

For Jadoo3
Go to Diagnostics—-> Speed Test

Can I use wireless Dongle provided by my Internet service provider?

You cannot use wireless dongle provided by your Internet service provider. To access content via wireless, you will have to use the WiFi dongle provided by JadooTV and a Wireless router.

How do I connect the JadooBox to the Internet?

You can connect the JadooBox in one of two ways, wired or wireless. For wired connection, you will have to connect the Ethernet wire provided with the JadooBox to the Ethernet port on the router. For wireless connectivity, you will have to connect the USB WiFi dongle that came with your box to the USB port at the back of your JadooBox. It is recommended to use a USB extender cable for better wireless connectivity. You will also require a router that supports WiFi connectivity.

Are there any specific routers which may not work with Jadoo Box?

Few models of Arris (Xfinity) may not or may give you hard time getting connected to the JadooTV Box.

What wireless security modes are supported?

WEP 64/128 bit key (Preferred for Jadoo 1)
WPA (Preferred for Jadoo 2)
WPA2-AES (Preferred for Jadoo 3)

How do I get the best signal from my remote?

Keep the JadooBox in line with the remote for good reception of the remote signal.

How can I view my YouTube favorite’s playlist on a JadooBox?

Please create a YouTube account by going to www.youtube.com using your PC. You can then add videos in your favorite playlist. Once this is done, sign into your YouTube account from JadooBox and view videos from your favorite playlist.

What if I cannot see the JadooBox user interface after I connect the JadooBox?

Make sure that the proper TV input mode is selected. Also for the HD JadooBox make sure that during setup, the HDMI cable was connected before the power cable.

How to search in movies?

For JadooBox 2
Go to JadooFlix under JadooPlus section after that press enter button on the type of movie which you are looking for Like Action, Horror or Comedy and press search button on JadooTV remote. Enter the name of movie you want to search and then press OK.

For JadooBox 3
Go to JadooFlix under JadooTV section and press blue button on JadooTV remote. Enter the name of movie you want to search then press enter button on the search option at the bottom.

How do I find more information on a selected video?

Press the Info key on JadooTV remote to see more information.

How do I power cycle the JadooBox?

You can power cycle the JadooBox by pressing the Power button on the remote for 8 seconds or you can disconnect the power adapter input and reconnect after few seconds.